[Web Easy] How to speed up your Web Easy uploads

How to speed up your Web Easy uploads

This article will show you to how to speed up your Web Easy downloads by simply altering some links on your website.  This is useful if you have links to download files, such as movies, audio, PDF, or even zip files.  You can also do this with embedded video files as well.  You can watch the movie below or view the outlined steps at the bottom of this article.

Note: To do these steps, you will need to have already uploaded the files to your website.

Outlined Steps

For Download Links:

1. Go to your website on the internet
2. Right-click one of your download links
3. If you are using Firefox, select "Copy Link Location". For Internet Explorer, select "Copy Shortcut".  For Google Chrome and Opera, select "Copy Link Address"
4. Open Web Easy and load your document
5. Right-click on your download link, select Link
6. From the Link Type drop-down menu, select "Internet Web Page"
7. Under Web Page URL Address, right-click, select Paste (or press CTRL+V)

This should paste in the full HTTP address for the download on your website.  Repeat the above steps for any additional download links.

For Embedded Video Files:

1. Go to your website on the internet
2. Right-click your embedded video file, select Properties

Note: If you do not see properties, skip to Step 5

3. Using your mouse, highlight the full HTTP address under Location
4. Right-click on it, select Copy (or press CTRL+C)

5. Open Web Easy and load your document
6. Go to View -> Inspector
7. Single-click your embedded video file
8. In the Inspector window, make sure you are under the Properties tab, and then expand the Item row
9. Double-click the value next to Link
10. Delete the path under Embedded Source
11. Right-click in Embedded Source field, select Paste (or press CTRL+V)

Note: If you were not able to select Properties under Step 2, you will need to enter the full HTTP address to your embedded video file.  For example, if your video is called "sunset.wmv", the full address would be http://www.yoursite.com/linked/sunset.wmv.  You will need to change "yoursite.com" with the name of your website.

After this, anytime you upload your website, Web Easy will know where these files are at, so it won't have to upload them again.  This should save you some time!

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