Performing a Site Recovery
If you have an active site account with us and there is nothing listed in the "Website" field, when trying to update your site, you will need to perform a Site Recovery.

1. Launch the Instant Publisher

2. From the start page, select "Open a new website" and click Next to continue through the wizard...

3. Follow the instructions and continue through the publisher, like you were uploading a new site, until you get to the password screen.

4. Password screen, "Choose a unique password"

  • Enter the password for your active account. 
  • Click Next...

5. "Choose a domain name"

  • Select "Use a domain I already own"
  • Click Next...

6. On the next screen, you will be prompted to "Please enter the domain name you would like to use with this account"...

  • Enter the domain name for the site you would like to recover.
    • For example... If your site is "", only enter "".
  • Click Next...


7. After clicking Next, you should get a pop-up screen that says:

"Website named 'http://yourcompanyname' is active. Would you like to recreate this website? Click 'Yes' to re-open the site or 'No' to create another site."

  • Note: It is important that you see this message and select "Yes", otherwise you will be opening a NEW account and will be BILLED AGAIN.

8. Payment Method

  • Continue through the wizard to the Payment Method screen...
  • When you get to this screen, select "Use current payment method".

*Please Note: If you follow these instruction, you will not open another account and will not be billed again. Please follow these instructions carefully.

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